The goal of the After Sales Service & maintenance department is to provide full service to customers, covering every need that arises after the sale.

The technical service department operates on a 24-hour basis, 365 days.


The technical staff is fully trained, while attends seminars in Greece and abroad aiming at shielding and training them to new technologies.

After the sale, the equipment is covered with warranty
During the warranty, preventive inspections of equipment & refrigerating installations are carried out, which are defined by the type of equipment, the type of installation.

Upon expiration of the warranty, services are provided:

a/ By contract
In this case, in collaboration with the client, an annual contract plan is prepared with an analysis of monthly visits and corresponding preventive work based on the needs and requests of the client.

In projects, which are under contract, the time of response is predetermined

b/ Οn call
Every issue communicated by the customer, is accordingly evaluated by the engineers of the department and is underway for restoration.
του τμήματος και δρομολογείται προς αποκατάσταση.

In 2017 Freddo wanting to cover its continuous growth, proceeded in the establishment of Thessaloniki branch, so that Northern Greece is supported on a 24-hour basis

The branch in Thessaloniki, Freddo North is located at 8a Halkis Street, Pylaia.

The dynamics of Freddo has managed to create in the 32 years of its operation outside the Service department of the central facilities in Agios Stefanos, Attica, and the Thessaloniki branch, an additional network of reliable technical associates nationwide.

Κύριος στόχος και σκοπός μας είναι η ικανοποίηση των πελατών μας.
Our main goal and purpose is the satisfaction of our customers. Based on this philosophy and following consistency, immediacy, flexibility, solvency, experience and know-how, we work daily to serve the customer.

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